看了統計資料中的來源網址,才發覺還有這種東西─Blog虛擬交易市場!!這年頭還真是什麼東西都可以拿來作為交易標的哪。不過看看自己的blog的交易資料…喂,這種沒啥價值可言的物件也可以進入交易市場,該說是我的榮幸,還是網站的誤列? 哇哈哈~

About David Yang

David Yang, like sports, nature, reading, music and...traveling. I am not good at sports, but like watching basketball, baseball and tennis games. I am not very strong, but like hiking, bushwalking and riding bicycle into the nature...Although I am a software engineer. Not only continue to read and gain knowledge, I also want to walk around every corner of the world. Here are some stories about my itineraries: I come from matter where you meet me, either I am traveling, or just preparing for next trip :-)
本篇發表於 產業現況及社會觀察。將永久鏈結加入書籤。


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