2014 in review

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雪梨歌劇院的演奏廳可容納 2,700 名觀眾。這個網誌在 2014 年擁有約 29,000 次瀏覽次數。如果這是在雪梨歌劇院舉辦的演唱會,可能需要將 11 場門票賣光的表演場次加起來,才有這麼多觀眾。



About David Yang

David Yang, like sports, nature, reading, music and...traveling. I am not good at sports, but like watching basketball, baseball and tennis games. I am not very strong, but like hiking, bushwalking and riding bicycle into the nature...Although I am a software engineer. Not only continue to read and gain knowledge, I also want to walk around every corner of the world. Here are some stories about my itineraries: https://dflucifer.wordpress.com/ I come from Taiwan...no matter where you meet me, either I am traveling, or just preparing for next trip :-)
本篇發表於 生活 並標籤為 , , , , , , 。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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